Vidoc Secures Funding from bValue!

Vidoc Security Lab has secured an investment from bValue, a leading player in the world of venture capital and technology innovation

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Vidoc Secures Funding from bValue!

We are happy to announce a significant milestone in our journey! Vidoc Security Lab has secured an investment from bValue, a leading player in the world of venture capital and technology innovation.

Transforming Security Engineering

Our story begins with two tech enthusiasts who, much like many of you, were deeply entrenched in the world of security research and vulnerability management.

Working within the application security team demanded a few things from us:

  • Control over External Assets - to know what was visible to potential attackers.
  • Quick and Customizable Solutions - to automate security checks and automate web application penetration tests while preserving flexibility.

This was a gap that no existing tool could adequately fill. We found ourselves investing countless hours of developer time trying to cobble together a stack from various open-source tools. However, in our fast-paced environment, this approach proved ineffective and too slow to keep up with the demands of CI/CD.

Our ambition was clear: we wanted to automate reconnaissance, craft custom security tests for web applications, and streamline penetration tests. We were determined to take our defence to the next level. So, we didn't sit around waiting for someone else to solve the problem.

Our Vision

So, what exactly is Vidoc? It's all about empowering AppSec teams to have full control over their web assets. We embarked on a mission to provide a platform capable of handling external attack surface monitoring while automating security tests and detecting vulnerabilities at scale.

We provide security engineers with the infrastructure they need to create their own test cases and scans, automate 24/7 reconnaissance, and conduct external attack surface monitoring for their domains.

At Vidoc Security, we're all about challenging the norms. We know that true innovation happens when security pros are given the tools they need to make a difference


None of this would have been possible without the trust and support of our early customers, advisors, and the incredible Vidoc Security team. We would like to express our gratitude to bValue for believing in our vision and partnering with us on this exciting journey.

Stay Tuned for What's Next

This investment marks a significant step forward in our mission to revolutionise the way AppSec and Red teams work. It is just the beginning. Keep an eye on Vidoc for developments in the near future.


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